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Bulgaria Pictures - Page 2     
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2005hol_R006.jpg (48621 bytes)

Memorial in Plovdiv to the Cossacks who evicted the ottomans from Bulgaria 5th Aug

2005HolA085.jpg (40492 bytes)

Street statue, Plovdiv 5th Aug

2005HolA093.jpg (48093 bytes)

... and another 

2005HolA087.jpg (43705 bytes)

The main drag Plovdiv. Work was under way way to make this a pleasant pedestrianised area, 5th Aug

2005HolA089.jpg (77463 bytes)

.and a very pleasant park close to the centre, 5th Aug

2005HolA096.jpg (47183 bytes)

Street scene, Plovdiv 6th Aug

2005HolA098.jpg (52566 bytes)

and another, 6th Aug

2005HolA101.jpg (46213 bytes)

One of several "house museums", worth a visit, Plovdiv 6th Aug

2005HolA102.jpg (28012 bytes)

A Plovdiv pussy

2005HolA104.jpg (44696 bytes)

From the Plovdiv fort there is a good view of a rising River Maritsa Aug 6th

2005HolA106.jpg (52517 bytes)

.. there were lots of cats!

2005HolA107.jpg (43927 bytes)

Roman amphitheatre, still used for performances Aug 6th

2005HolA109.jpg (44868 bytes)

..find a good knee and she's got to sit on it! Aug 6th

2005HolA111.jpg (40903 bytes)

Wedding parties turned up at this spot outside the registry office every 15 minutes, all accompanied by a motorcade with blaring horns.

2005HolA110.jpg (48793 bytes)

I took the photo of the bridesmaid, and this other girl appeared in it! Aug 6th

2005HolA086.jpg (53588 bytes)

Then it rained! This caught everyone by surprise. I haven't seen so many wet tee shirts! Aug 6th

2005HolA114.jpg (44950 bytes)

Statue by the river

2005HolA113.jpg (49190 bytes)

... and the river Maritsa, close to overflowing in Plovdiv Aug 6th

2005HolA117.jpg (56998 bytes)

...which it actually did 4 Km up river, where we were camping. You can just see Tilly waist deep in murky water Aug 6th

2005HolA119.jpg (58009 bytes)

The best view of Leipzig Hotel, Plovdiv, Aug 7th

2005HolA120.jpg (87864 bytes)

meanwhile, the council had just watered these flowers Aug 9th

2005HolA121.jpg (51236 bytes)

Flower seller, Plovdiv Aug 9th. We bought the same flower from her every day


2005hol156.jpg (55179 bytes)

Still too deep to reach, but getting closer


Tilly-2-days-after-flood.jpg (51008 bytes)

Nearly there, but the water still came over my wellies


2005HolA127.jpg (48666 bytes)

monastery at Bachkovo Aug 10th

2005HolA129.jpg (50475 bytes)

monastery at Bachkovo Aug 10th

2005HolA131.jpg (51934 bytes)

Tilly leaves Camping 4 Kilometre, Aug 10th

2005HolHotel-Avion.jpg (36669 bytes)

Hotel Avion, Plovdiv - an excellent little hotel. Holiday Inn, come and see how it should be done! We had the round windows at the top, but the floods had put the lift out of order.

2005HolA140.jpg (31877 bytes)

and our suite (part of) only 55 Euros a night (discounted because they took pity on us)

2005HolA137.jpg (43559 bytes)

Cafe Rose - attached to Hotel Avion. The food here was brilliant

2005HolA125.jpg (37526 bytes)

Our documents drying, after we eventually got back in to Tilly

2005HolA141.jpg (42513 bytes)

One of the very friendly Avion staff. I gave him the last of my English ale before we flew to Vienna.

2005HolA139.jpg (43474 bytes)

minaret - we were shown round th mosque by a very friendly imam 

2005HolA133.jpg (43969 bytes)

Another rugged statue near Plovdiv!

2005HolA142.jpg (38164 bytes)

Cathedral in Sofia, not far from our hotel. There are 8 Kg of gold leaf on the roof (so we are told)

2005HolA144.jpg (45892 bytes)

Returning to Sofia again, this time in a low loader, with Tilly on the back. We must deposit her with Customs at Sofia airport before we are allowed out of the country. And these people think they are joining the EU in 18 months! The officials still have a Soviet mentality, but the people are way ahead of them culturally.


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