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Romania Pictures - Page 5     
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Approaching Carta

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Camping Auld Willge, Carta. This delightful Dutch/Romania owned site is as good as we've seen anywhere, like a "Super CL"

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Andy with on site pussy

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Each camper gets a jug of delicious home made liqueur

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Rosemary, drawing

2007-249.jpg (62709 bytes)

decorated fences

2007-248.jpg (79572 bytes)


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views around the village

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2007-229.jpg (52090 bytes)

There is a station, that takes you to Sibiu

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colourful gypsies abound

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The highlight of the day was watching the cattle and horses being returned to their owners

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at the end of the day in the pastures

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the site entrance is behind the cows

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A bull also runs with the herd, but seems to cause no problems (apart from getting frisky in the village centre)

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Most cows are met by their owners, but some find their own way home, wandering right through the village

2007-219.jpg (78348 bytes) dottie-151.jpg (69484 bytes) dottie-147.jpg (39171 bytes)

This grave is all ready for it's occupant, who's not dead yet

2007-233.jpg (30188 bytes)

This was the furthest east of any Cistercian monastry, and was regularly sacked by the Turks

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Colorado beetle, that settled on my jumper, adjacent to a potato crop

2007-222.jpg (49457 bytes)

"The Transfagarasanul" - Ceausescu built an escape road through the mountains in case the Russians attacked ...

2007-224.jpg (63314 bytes)

It's particularly hairy, and only open 2 months of the year

2007-225.jpg (47066 bytes)

This was as far as we got, courtesy of Keith and Helen Chaplin


2007-228.jpg (46788 bytes)

The view from the top. After this there is a tunnel, still closed due to ice (mid June)

2007-253.jpg (51470 bytes)

Camping Ananas, near Sibiu. We weren't too impressed with this site.

2007-252.jpg (34212 bytes)

Historical church near Camping Ananas

2007-254.jpg (35140 bytes)

sex on the dashboard

2007-258.jpg (78527 bytes)

School party at an old and very extensive folk museum

2007-259tweak.jpg (25391 bytes)

folk museum

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2007-263.jpg (97820 bytes)

barn and wagon

2007-271.jpg (96424 bytes)

floating mill

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