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Romania Pictures - Page 6     
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2007-275.jpg (32650 bytes)

Wild camping, near Orlat, 8th June

2007-276.jpg (66830 bytes)

wild camping

2007-274.jpg (50621 bytes)

cattle on the wild camping spot

2007-277.jpg (47259 bytes)

The ubiquitous horse and cart

2007-279.jpg (51632 bytes)

Church built using Roman stone

2007-280.jpg (62707 bytes)

Site of Roman remains. But the walls have almost entirely been rebuilt recently

dottie-157.jpg (46776 bytes) 2007-281.jpg (58280 bytes)

Timisoara - our 3rd visit to an interesting city

2007-286.jpg (55150 bytes)

Orthodox cathedral, about 100 years old.

2007-287.jpg (72266 bytes) 2007-283tweak.jpg (72704 bytes)

Every time we went into an Orthodox church, there was a service going on. People just enter and leave at will, and the music and acoustics are glorious 

2007-282.jpg (62849 bytes)
2007-288.jpg (77001 bytes)

The Opera House square, where the revolution started and many of the deaths occurred 

2007-296.jpg (61620 bytes)

Rosemary, at Lloyds Restaurant (founded 1935). The food here was as good as we've had anywhere, and a great deal better value.

dottie-173.jpg (80182 bytes)

Andy, Lloyds Restaurant

2007-290.jpg (52711 bytes)

This architecture ...

2007-291.jpg (57901 bytes)

... is simply stunning

2007-293.jpg (54588 bytes)


2007-294.jpg (59494 bytes) 2007-295.jpg (41826 bytes) 2007-297.jpg (48008 bytes)
2007-298.jpg (81931 bytes)

the central flower market

2007-302.jpg (75853 bytes)

Slovenia - Camping Selinje

2007-303.jpg (92132 bytes)

A Slovenian national park, but slightly disappointing

2007-304.jpg (50417 bytes)

I'd guess this is an Elm

2007-308.jpg (42346 bytes)

Rosemary, with bandaged arm having fallen in the road

2007-309.jpg (53219 bytes)

Ljubjana - a lovely capital of a lovely country

2007-310.jpg (59215 bytes) 2007-312.jpg (51944 bytes) 2007-314.jpg (132427 bytes)
2007-311.jpg (59682 bytes)

a Ljubjana store

2007-318.jpg (50509 bytes) 2007-320.jpg (81352 bytes)
2007-322.jpg (37238 bytes) 2007-323.jpg (68398 bytes)

An unusual society

2007-326.jpg (34432 bytes)

Stanjel. We visited Stanjel because I happened to be reading Wanda Newby's autobiography, and this is where she spent her first 9 years or so.

2007-336.jpg (34449 bytes)

We weren't far away, so it seemed impolite not to drop in.

2007-331.jpg (45368 bytes) 2007-332.jpg (78099 bytes)
2007-334.jpg (51725 bytes)

The soft focus "David Hamilton" look was caused by a smear of grease on the lens, and was unintentional.

2007-333.jpg (31184 bytes) 2007-335.jpg (59173 bytes)
dottie-174.jpg (81285 bytes) dottie-177.jpg (66086 bytes)

This is a small museum, run by a lady who translated part of wanda's book, and turned it into a book about Stanjel in the old days. She gave us Wanda's address, and we sent her a PC (and got a very nice reply)

2007-340.jpg (44441 bytes)

Sites in Slovenia were mostly quite expensive. Kamp Korita was a lot cheaper, mainly aimed at small tents, but was on the Soca Trail.


2007-341.jpg (73149 bytes)

River Soca

2007-342.jpg (28833 bytes)

Turks Head lily

2007-345.jpg (64643 bytes)


2007-347.jpg (47896 bytes)


2007-349.jpg (31581 bytes)

any ideas, anyone?

2007-353.jpg (67571 bytes)

Site at Dollach, Austria, just south of Grossglockner-Hochalpenstrasse, a very dramatic pass, reaching 8,000 feet

2007-370.jpg (56483 bytes)

The glacier at Grossglockner-Hochalpenstrasse,

2007-365.jpg (52915 bytes)

.... visited by Emporor Franz-Josef (and others)

2007-361.jpg (103313 bytes)

A marmot

2007-372.jpg (73189 bytes)


2007-375.jpg (52882 bytes)


2007-378.jpg (53249 bytes)

Camping Schmidl, a lovely little site at Mittersill, Austria 

2007-379.jpg (95471 bytes)


2007-380.jpg (65115 bytes)


2007-381.jpg (18660 bytes)

approaching storm

2007-383.jpg (83019 bytes)


2007-385.jpg (56002 bytes)


2007-386.jpg (52733 bytes)


2007-389.jpg (79604 bytes)

Wohnmobileplatz at Meersburg

2007-390.jpg (27604 bytes)


2007-391.jpg (38896 bytes)


2007-392.jpg (31933 bytes)


2007-394.jpg (83095 bytes)


2007-395.jpg (60863 bytes)

Wohnmobileplatz at Eisenbach, in the Black Forest

2007-396.jpg (101588 bytes)

Black Forest

2007-397.jpg (29175 bytes)

Aire de Camping-Car at Gerardmer, a rather depressing French town. 

2007-398.jpg (66464 bytes)

aire de CC at Stenay, France

2007-399.jpg (61663 bytes)


2007-400.jpg (35025 bytes)

aire de CC at Catillon-sue-Sambre

2007-401.jpg (52968 bytes)

and again

2007-402.jpg (24472 bytes)

Dunkerque beach empty and placid, rather different to the scene in May 1940

2007-403.jpg (23105 bytes)


2007-404.jpg (12778 bytes)


2007-405.jpg (33104 bytes)

Driving on the left and nearly home


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