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France Pictures - Page 4     
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France07_179.jpg (56036 bytes)

Gorges du Verdon, 

France07_181.jpg (47677 bytes)

Gorges du Verdon,20th Oct

France07_180.jpg (45332 bytes)

Gorges du Verdon,20th Oct

France07_182.jpg (50676 bytes)

Gorges du Verdon,20th Oct

France07_183.jpg (47420 bytes)

Gorges du Verdon,20th Oct

France07_184.jpg (51839 bytes)

Gorges du Verdon,20th Oct

France07_187.jpg (56623 bytes)

beach at St Maxine, 21st Oct

France07_188.jpg (50612 bytes)

... Trafalgar Day

France07_189.jpg (46270 bytes)

St Maxine

France07_191.jpg (59048 bytes)

Maxine at St Rosemary

France07_192.jpg (48766 bytes)

a rather nice memorial to North African troops, St Maxine

France07_193.jpg (54162 bytes)

Aire at St Maine

France07_194.jpg (52636 bytes)

Who could resist a body like that?

France07_195.jpg (48786 bytes)

Ferry across the bay from St Maxine to St Tropez, a remarkably nice town

France07_196.jpg (46858 bytes)

St Tropez, 23rd Oct

France07_197.jpg (47540 bytes)

St Tropez

France07_198.jpg (55350 bytes)

The little mermaid

France07_199.jpg (42408 bytes)

St Tropez

France07_200.jpg (47246 bytes)

St Tropez

France07_201.jpg (51207 bytes)

St Tropez

France07_202.jpg (43444 bytes)

St Tropez

France07_203.jpg (48627 bytes)

St Tropez

France07_204.jpg (51635 bytes)

St Tropez

France07_205.jpg (44729 bytes)

Aire at Point de la Bonne Terrasse ..

France07_206.jpg (50638 bytes)

... right beside the sea

France07_207.jpg (43731 bytes)

...which immediately up 

France07_208.jpg (52964 bytes)

... a real hooley, 25th Oct

France07_211.jpg (40782 bytes)


France07_212.jpg (38437 bytes)

you don't often see the Med this rough (but I was really seasick in the Med in 1966)

France07_213.jpg (43457 bytes)


France07_214.jpg (52552 bytes)


France07_216.jpg (51862 bytes)


France07_217.jpg (54994 bytes)

Aire at Castellane, 26th Oct

France07_220.jpg (41524 bytes)

we liked Castellane 

France07_221.jpg (39302 bytes)


France07_222.jpg (39189 bytes)


France07_223.jpg (46134 bytes)


France07_224.jpg (46251 bytes)

the rock overshadowing the town. Next time we'll walk to the top

France07_226.jpg (57498 bytes)


France07_227.jpg (54904 bytes)

near the tiny aire at Petichet, 27th Oct

France07_228.jpg (49158 bytes)

Seurre, on the R Saone

France07_229.jpg (50181 bytes)

Seurre 28th Oct

France07_231.jpg (52161 bytes)

An aire, but I've forgotten where! 29th Oct

France07_232.jpg (54206 bytes)

29th Oct

France07_233.jpg (38123 bytes)

29th Oct

France07_234.jpg (23654 bytes)

Our last night in France, 

France07_237.jpg (45181 bytes)

the aire at Dunkirk, 31st Oct

France07_236.jpg (28801 bytes)

The End. 31st Oct

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