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Turkey Pictures - Page
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Turkey-178-Koycegiz.jpg (73837 bytes) 


Turkey-180-Koycegiz.jpg (100378 bytes)


Turkey-181-Koycegiz.jpg (63290 bytes)


Turkey-184-Koycegiz.jpg (72914 bytes)


Turkey-206-Koycegiz.jpg (64257 bytes)

Dalyan, rock tombs 

Turkey-201-Koycegiz.jpg (61047 bytes)


Turkey-203-Koycegiz.jpg (87091 bytes)

Dalyan, rock tombs from the camp site

Turkey-N021-Dalyan.jpg (55509 bytes)

Dalyan, rock tombs from the camp site

Turkey-198-Koycegiz.jpg (64822 bytes)

Dalyan, camp site

Turkey-N023-Dalyan.jpg (83847 bytes)

Dalyan, camp site

Turkey-210-Tlos.jpg (57588 bytes)

Rock tombs, Tlos

Turkey-229-Tlos.jpg (74337 bytes)

Rock tombs, Tlos

Turkey-233-Tlos-Neil.jpg (66757 bytes)

Neil, my 7 year old guide to the tomb of Bellerophon. He had excellent English, and takes a good photo!

Turkey-234-Tlos.jpg (61433 bytes)

Bellerophon's tomb. See carving of Pegasus over my head. Pic taken by Neil

Turkey-236-Tlos.jpg (85839 bytes)

Bellerophon's tomb.

Turkey-225-Tlos.jpg (54310 bytes)

Rosemary, Tlos

Turkey-254-Tlos.jpg (66520 bytes)

Tlos - stick in the muds!

Turkey-264-Zanthus.jpg (108890 bytes)

A number of tortoises have run into the road in front of us;)

Turkey-274-Zanthus.jpg (62060 bytes)

Xanthus - pillar tomb and sarcophagus tomb

Turkey-281-Zanthus.jpg (96387 bytes)

Copy of the original frieze, now in the British Museum

Turkey-283-Zanthus.jpg (117499 bytes)


Turkey-296-Zanthus.jpg (94740 bytes)

Paved road, Xanthus

Turkey-303-Kas.jpg (71744 bytes)

Sunset at Kas. We liked Kas a lot

Turkey-C311.jpg (68071 bytes)

Kas. You can just see our van parked on the quay, where we spent 5 nights

Turkey-C312-Kas.jpg (55214 bytes)

Kas sign I rather liked

Turkey-C313.jpg (83286 bytes)

Kas, the "Lion" Tomb, 

Turkey-C317-Kas.jpg (95076 bytes)

Kas, schoolgirl. All the choolchildren looked smart & eager

Turkey-C318-Kas.jpg (77183 bytes)


Turkey-C322-Kas.jpg (69971 bytes)

Kas, Rosemary shops for belly dancing belts

Turkey-C339-Kas-Greek-islan.jpg (70497 bytes)

Kas. The island is Greek, and is closer to Turkey than the Isle of Wight is to Portsmouth!

Turkey-C332-Kas.jpg (61846 bytes)


Turkey-C363-Kas.jpg (80391 bytes)


Turkey-C330-Kas.jpg (52977 bytes) Kas
Turkey-C334-Kas.jpg (65095 bytes)


Turkey-C348-Kas.jpg (63693 bytes)  


Turkey-C349-Kas.jpg (63641 bytes)

Kas - playful puppy

Turkey-C358-Kas.jpg (59839 bytes)

Kas - on the harbour wall

Turkey-C366-Kas.jpg (58731 bytes)

Kas - our home on the quay for 5 nights

Turkey-C375--Kas.jpg (42806 bytes)

These appear to be acorns on a holly bush. Presumably a species of oak.

Turkey-C382-Simeha.jpg (56988 bytes)

Sarcophagus tombs at Simeha

Turkey-C385-Simeha.jpg (64184 bytes)

Sarcophagus tombs at Simeha

Turkey-C391-Simeha.jpg (50611 bytes)

Crusader castle at Simeha

Turkey-C392-Simeha.jpg (46621 bytes)

Simeha, some of which sank beneath the Med in an earthquake, 2nd century AD. Glass bottomed boats will take you to see the sunken ruins

Turkey-C399-Simeha.jpg (72957 bytes)

Sarcophagus tomb still protruding from the water after 1800 years

Turkey-C404-Simeha.jpg (80075 bytes)
Turkey-C413-Simeha.jpg (93846 bytes)

The rest of the village is still inhabited. Here children play marbles as I did 50 years ago. The little chap on the left is making mud pies (I'm not admitting to doing that!)

Turkey-C423-Simeha.jpg (90117 bytes)

Simeha - mother and daughter

Turkey-C424-Simeha.jpg (86467 bytes)

Simeha quay

Turkey-C429-Simeha.jpg (78019 bytes)

Simeha. Of interest are the olive trees, planted about same time as the tombs were built, 2000 years old.

Turkey-C464-Myra.jpg (80567 bytes)

Carved theatrical masks at Myra. St Nicholas (aka Santa Claus) was bishop here.

Turkey-C466-Myra.jpg (79512 bytes)

Rock tombs at Myra

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