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Turkey Pictures - Page

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Istanbul has overtaken Oslo as my favorite city

Turkey-N832-Istambul.jpg (93195 bytes) 

Our home for 4 nights, a car park in the centre of Istanbul

Turkey-N944-Istanbul.jpg (80958 bytes)

Restored Ottoman house

Turkey-N1084-Istanbul.jpg (69992 bytes)

the Golden Horn

Turkey-N1093-Istanbul.jpg (67097 bytes)

Old tram - they also have a very impressive new tram system

Turkey-N1113-Istanbul.jpg (49409 bytes)

Inside one of many mosques

Turkey-N1146-Istanbul-skyli.jpg (57793 bytes)

Istanbul skyline from one of the many cheap ferries. L-R Blue Mosque, Haghia Sofia, Topkapi Palace

Turkey-N971-Istanbul-Bospho.jpg (78157 bytes)

From the ferry to Kadakoy

Turkey-N962-Istanbul.jpg (71834 bytes)

strange looking ferry passenger

Turkey-N953-Istanbul.jpg (102436 bytes)

Istanbul waterfront

Turkey-N1101-Bosphorus.jpg (58889 bytes)

The Bosphorus - a seriously exciting waterway

Turkey-N1120-Bosphorus.jpg (90173 bytes)

Bosphorus ferry

Turkey-N1174-Golden-Horn.jpg (59189 bytes)

Bosphorus ferry

Turkey-N1121-Bosphorus.jpg (78692 bytes)

Bosphorus ferry & bridge

Turkey-N1170-Bosphorus.jpg (73620 bytes)


Turkey-N1261-Istanbul.jpg (61743 bytes)

Sea of Marmara

Turkey-N867-Istanbul.jpg (93425 bytes)

Haghia Sofia, a truly amazing building over 1400 years old, and built in 5 years

Turkey-N947-Istanbul-Haghia.jpg (103864 bytes)

Haghia Sofia

Turkey-N1187-Haghia-Sofia.jpg (63912 bytes)

Haghia Sofia

Turkey-N1194-Haghia-Sofia.jpg (60516 bytes)

Haghia Sofia

Turkey-N1222-Haghia-Sofia.jpg (56997 bytes)

Haghia Sofia

Turkey-N1227-Haghia-Sofia.jpg (78355 bytes)

Haghia Sofia

Turkey-N1252-Haghia-Sofia.jpg (67167 bytes)

Haghia Sofia

Turkey-N1053-Suleiman-tomb.jpg (68353 bytes)

Tomb of Suleiman the Magnificent

Turkey-N1061-Roxelana-tomb.jpg (99221 bytes)

Decoration in the tomb of Roxelana, Suleiman's wife

Turkey-N1062-Roxelana-tomb.jpg (98774 bytes)

Decoration inside Roxelana's tomb

Turkey-N1063-Suleimans-mosq.jpg (76550 bytes)

Decoration outside Roxelana's tomb

Turkey-N852-Istanbul.jpg (96072 bytes)

Blue Mosque

Turkey-N865-Istanbul.jpg (80189 bytes)

Blue Mosque

Turkey-N1273-Istanbul-Blue-.jpg (77387 bytes)

Blue Mosque

Turkey-N1279-Istanbul-Blue-.jpg (64051 bytes)

Blue Mosque

Turkey-N1274-Istanbul-Blue-.jpg (56154 bytes)

Blue Mosque

Turkey-N1296-Istanbul-Blue-.jpg (56309 bytes)

Blue Mosque

Turkey-N878-Istanbul-Topkap.jpg (65371 bytes)

Topkapi palace, courtyard in the harem

Turkey-N880-Istanbul-Topkap.jpg (100757 bytes)

Harem decoration

Turkey-N882-Istanbul-Topkap.jpg (61437 bytes)

courtyard in the harem

Turkey-N886-Istanbul-Topkap.jpg (85436 bytes)

courtyard in the harem

Turkey-N892-Istanbul-Topkap.jpg (81468 bytes)

Room in the harem (NB harem also mean's the Sultan's living quarters)

Turkey-N902-Istanbul-Topkap.jpg (83520 bytes)

Topkapi, harem

Turkey-N911-Istanbul-Topkap.jpg (84642 bytes)

Harem, window

Turkey-N934-Istanbul-Topkap.jpg (76876 bytes)

Tiles in the harem

Turkey-N987-Istanbul-Grand-.jpg (90891 bytes)

Grand Bazaar. We were amazed that there were no "tacky" stalls inside the bazaar, but lots outside.

Turkey-N988-Istanbul-Grand-.jpg (101933 bytes)

Grand Bazaar. We would have bought a lot more, but as soon as you stop to look you are pestered by salesmen.

Turkey-N995-Istanbul-Grand-.jpg (96637 bytes)

The GB employs over 30,000 people, many of the goods sold are made on site, as here

Turkey-N997-Istanbul-Grand-.jpg (88683 bytes)

Grand Bazaar

Turkey-N999-Istanbul-Grand-.jpg (75564 bytes)

Grand Bazaar

Turkey-N1001-Istanbul-Grand.jpg (90413 bytes)

Grand Bazaar

Turkey-N1011-Istanbul-Grand.jpg (95493 bytes)

Grand Bazaar

Turkey-N1028-Istanbul-Grand.jpg (100068 bytes)

Grand Bazaar

Turkey-N1035-Istanbul-Grand.jpg (94328 bytes)

Grand Bazaar, pre mosque ablutions. (There is always water available near a mosque)

Turkey-N1039-Istanbul-Grand.jpg (93693 bytes)

Grand Bazaar

Turkey-N1047-Istanbul-Grand.jpg (71016 bytes)

...but treat labels with a pinch of salt!

Turkey-N1068-Istanbul-Spice.jpg (84653 bytes)

The Spice (or Egyptian) Bazaar

Turkey-N1070-Istanbul-Spice.jpg (84232 bytes)

The Spice (or Egyptian) Bazaar

Turkey-N1071-Istanbul-Spice.jpg (92805 bytes)

The Spice (or Egyptian) Bazaar

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