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Norway Pictures - Page 1     
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Scandinavia-003.jpg (32873 bytes)

Leaving Dover 1st Aug 2006

Scandinavia-008.jpg (66454 bytes)

Stellplatz near the Dutch border, in Emden, beside the marina. 6 per night. 3rd Aug

Scandinavia-010.jpg (54924 bytes)

Emden, a pleasant little German maritime town. 3rd Aug

Scandinavia-014.jpg (58038 bytes)

Hamburg, dockside warehouses that must have escaped the bombing. 4th Aug

Scandinavia-021.jpg (61714 bytes)

Still Hamburg, the most interesting part of the city during the day. (But I used to enjoy the Reeperbahn at night!), 4th Aug

Scandinavia-R-013.jpg (54030 bytes)

A Hamburg fountain 4th Aug

Scandinavia-024.jpg (51000 bytes)

Wild camping on the quay at Holby, in Denmark, with some Danish vans. 5th Aug

Scandinavia-027.jpg (57145 bytes)

and our one night in Sweden, wild camping near the Norwegian border near Have.5th Aug

Scandinavia-038.jpg (50777 bytes)

Rosemary's birthday, Kragera, 7th Aug

Scandinavia-040.jpg (44733 bytes)

View from the campsite at Kragera 7th Aug

Scandinavia-045.jpg (98993 bytes)

Campsite at Kragera, 20 without electricity, and wood ants that bite! 8th Aug

Scandinavia-052.jpg (79504 bytes)

Kragera cat 8th Aug

Scandinavia-055.jpg (54253 bytes)

Campsite at Kragera 8th Aug

Scandinavia-059.jpg (45373 bytes)

Camping Sorlandet at Sandnes. 19 without electricity. Sites got cheaper the further west we went 

Scandinavia-062.jpg (51804 bytes)

One of Norways famous "white towns",made of wood. Probably Arendal.

Scandinavia-047.jpg (69937 bytes)

Arendal (?)

Scandinavia-065.jpg (51176 bytes)

Lindesnes fyr (lighthouse), southern most part of Norway 9th Aug

Scandinavia-089.jpg (48863 bytes)

Lindesnes fyr 9th Aug

Scandinavia-099.jpg (52111 bytes)

Lindesnes fyr 9th Aug

Scandinavia-098.jpg (43249 bytes)

base of the old lighthouse 9th Aug

Scandinavia-107.jpg (46964 bytes)

"Peace memorial". On 21st October 1942 M/S Palatea, a German ship carrying prisoners of war, was torpedoed off Lindesnes lighthouse.915 Russian prisoners and 71 Germans perished.

Scandinavia-114.jpg (59476 bytes)

Lindesnes fyr9th Aug

Scandinavia-119.jpg (52489 bytes)

Lindesnes fyr9th Aug

Scandinavia-123.jpg (51838 bytes)

Lindesnes fyr 9thAug

Scandinavia-113.jpg (55838 bytes)

Lindesnes fyr, where we spent the night. Tottie is the van on the left. 9th Aug

Scandinavia-131.jpg (29483 bytes)

Next lighthouse -Lista fyr 10th Aug

Scandinavia-135.jpg (24899 bytes)

Lista fyr 10th Aug

Scandinavia-136.jpg (57824 bytes)

view from Lista fyr. This is area is unusually flat 10th Aug

Scandinavia-132.jpg (49377 bytes)

Sea, from Lista fyr. 10th Aug

Scandinavia-158.jpg (52861 bytes)

This cat in Flekkefjord completely ignored these pigeons, and they ignored him. 11th Aug

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