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Norway Pictures - Page 2     
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Scandinavia-131.jpg (29483 bytes)

Lista Fyr 10th Aug

Scandinavia-127.jpg (58659 bytes)

Flekkefjord  10th Aug

Scandinavia-147.jpg (55019 bytes)

Wild camping on the quay at Flekkefjord - a lovely little town 11th Aug

Scandinavia-153.jpg (47461 bytes)

Flekkefjord 11th Aug

Scandinavia-169.jpg (43934 bytes)

Jossingfjord, where the Altmark incident took place in 1940. HMS Cossack rescued British seamen from the German tanker Altmark 11th Aug

Scandinavia-172.jpg (55373 bytes)

These old huts were built under the rock, at Jossingfjord 11th Aug

Scandinavia-173.jpg (44235 bytes)


Scandinavia-189.jpg (55161 bytes)

Eigeroy Fyr 11th Aug

Scandinavia-195.jpg (49699 bytes)

Eigeroy Fyr 11th Aug

Scandinavia-200.jpg (49471 bytes)

A motorhome stop at Eigeroy 11th Aug

Scandinavia-210.jpg (56155 bytes)

where a photographer brought her clients for a quiet photoshoot 12th Aug

Scandinavia-215.jpg (74349 bytes)

... watched by another photographer! 12th Aug

Scandinavia-218.jpg (56131 bytes)

Also Eigeroy - we moved to a better pitch when it became vacant 12th Aug

Scandinavia-223.jpg (55676 bytes)

Eigeroy 12th Aug

Scandinavia-224.jpg (50762 bytes)

Eigeroy 12th Aug

Scandinavia-231.jpg (34673 bytes)

Obrestad Fyr 13th Aug

Scandinavia-235.jpg (63994 bytes)

Stavanger old town 13th Aug

Scandinavia-240.jpg (34515 bytes)

Stavanger, the quay car park where spent the night 14th Aug

Scandinavia-246.jpg (46880 bytes)

wild camping near Pulpit Rock, at Idsel Fjord 15th Aug

Scandinavia-249.jpg (57519 bytes)

the path to Pulpit Rock, Stavanger in the background 15th Aug

Scandinavia-260.jpg (50781 bytes)

a 2 hour trek

Scandinavia-264.jpg (61854 bytes)

Pulpit Rock - spectacular, but the thought of the 2,000 foot drop into the fjord gives me the heebie-jeebies! 15th Aug

Scandinavia-267.jpg (59097 bytes)

 15th Aug

Scandinavia-269.jpg (52239 bytes)

Rosemary, safely away from the edge! 15th Aug

Scandinavia-270.jpg (57098 bytes)

.. unlike the fearless/foolhardy souls who dangle their legs over the edge. Even thinking about it makes me shudder! 15th Aug

Scandinavia-279.jpg (48592 bytes)

Campsite at Fisker 15th Aug

Scandinavia-286.jpg (49594 bytes)

Ardal  16th Aug

Scandinavia-280.jpg (57869 bytes)

the mediaeval interior 16th Aug

Scandinavia-284.jpg (63929 bytes)

and wall painting. 16th Aug

Scandinavia-287.jpg (43389 bytes)

Postbox outside a house - I don't think I saw any one that was locked. 16th Aug

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